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Esta función permite de mostrar en pantalla en esta mapa los diametros de antena que permiten una recepción correcta para un Beam,
a partir de tus indicaciones. Tus comentarios acerca de la recepción están disponibles abajo del mapa.

Para enviar su informe de recepción, debes definir tu posición geográfica y tu diametro de antena en tu Perfíl

frecuencias: Intelsat 10 (IS-10)  Europe+Africa

Informe detallado y comentario acerca de la recepción de este beam:

2012-05-11 22:45:28francou (43.8N-4.2E,180cm) ? bonne réception dans le sud de la france des transpondeurs de la bande KU du faisceau Europe avec parabole offset de 80cm

2010-05-28 20:30:24soulsprit4 (-,0cm) is it possible to intelsat 68.5E in Switzerland ? with which size of dish.. Thanks

2009-04-11 10:25:27palladium (-,100cm) ? l want to receive sabc (45.7n-11.4e)from vicenza italy


2008-12-08 10:18:10MARTDIGITAL (44.7N-9.2E,100cm) ?

2008-12-08 10:17:37MARTDIGITAL (44.7N-9.2E,100cm) ?

2008-07-11 12:56:22imran (51.6N-1.2W,200cm) ? i want to fix this site but i dont know which dish size will be the best for that site i m from london

2007-12-08 11:36:43jhon (-,120cm) ? ? can i receive signal in moscow using a 120cm dish

2007-11-26 20:35:27salehzamzami (-,120cm) ? لا توجد اليمن ضمن الخريطة

2007-06-28 09:20:15Chezzdevil (42.5N-2.4E,135cm) 70% reception on package with T&T

2006-11-29 16:40:37kimwarer (-,0cm) sabc channells are very clear and also abc news. some religious channels also are very clear

2006-11-18 19:18:38littelheart (49.1N-3.3E,80cm) ? hi my name is khalid and i live in france somebody tell me how can i recive pas 10 satellite signal u can send me main on thet addres i am wating for responce thanks

2006-06-29 11:28:41mbortola (-,0cm) ? exellent signal wiht 60Cm dish

2006-06-22 05:06:23mbortola (-,0cm) ? AIT Channel is nor clear in a vertical setting?

2006-06-19 21:53:10mbortola (-,0cm) ? vraiment je ne comprend pas ce faisceau car je me trouve en cote d ivoire et j aimerais mieux comprendre. merci

2006-04-03 13:38:34mbortola (-,0cm) ? clear reception on all FTA c-band and ku

2006-01-14 03:22:08mbortola (-,0cm) ? Great reception on KU and C band (GEO NEWS, YTN)

2005-12-21 23:37:57mbortola (-,0cm) ? SABC and ather om europe beam is OK

2005-12-21 23:37:36mbortola (-,0cm) ? SABC and ather om europe beam is OK

2005-08-02 19:51:23Walxer (42.9N-12.3E,85cm) All Perfect,I see SABC with good signal and all others too ;)

2005-07-18 15:21:03hogkat (51.4N-4.7E,110cm) ? Wat voor groten heb je nodig om SABC op te kunnen vangen van Hengelo OV?

2005-07-04 15:20:06JMZ (56.7N-4.4W,0cm) ? CAN I SEE SABC WITH MY SET UP.?

2005-06-09 23:29:44stazeb (51.6N-4.9E,80cm) ? Geen ontvangst in Oosterhout NB

2005-05-24 16:10:22jakenl (52.4N-5.8E,110cm) Very clear signal on all KU-channels with Europe-beam.

2005-04-29 12:40:44phacosia (22.6N-22E,100cm) ? Simply beautiful but limited FTA available

2005-04-18 17:46:54karlk (48.8N-8.2E,110cm) Great

2005-04-18 17:45:11karlk (48.8N-8.2E,110cm) Super Signal

2005-04-18 17:41:34karlk (48.8N-8.2E,110cm) Super Empfang von SABC + E-TV 48.80N 8.31O

2005-02-01 09:56:19Cor (52.1N-5.1E,78cm) ? Geen ontvangst in Utrecht

2005-01-17 19:07:29peeraxel (54.5N-9.5E,75cm) The SABC package and Mana come clear. I enjoy especially the local SA radios. Single frequency stations are on the edge. Swazi was pretty good, Kenya had dropouts, both have switched off now.

2005-01-17 19:06:16peeraxel (54.5N-9.5E,75cm) The SABC package and Mana come clear. I enjoy especially the local SA radios. Single frequency stations are on the edge. Swazi was pretty good, Kenya had dropouts, both have switched off now.

2004-07-26 18:36:45Piet (51.3N-0.5W,90cm) Reception marginal with current setup, drops in and out. Could improve setup still. Radio 2000 may be useful for sports coverage. Anyone managed to pick up DSTV bouquet in UK?

2004-06-17 14:42:26kapoor (50.6N-3E,110cm) ? i want to see dordarshan but this chanel indian beam can i watch this chanel

2004-06-02 01:35:44volker (49.9N-11.3E,85cm) ? how can i decode sabc/nagravision programs? do i need a special receiver?please awnser:

2003-12-31 07:52:13Baluch (22.1N-7.4E,150cm) I receive clear signal on PanAmSat 7 but not on 10 and they are on the same orbit what now?

2003-12-29 21:58:59jac (59.1N-18.2E,90cm) ? i like ur service , but could u improve it in 2004?

2003-12-29 21:57:41jac (59.1N-18.2E,90cm) ?

2003-10-24 10:10:47Timo (51.4N-0.3W,100cm) I just can't physically see this bird, way too low on the horizon behind houses and bushes in South Bucks, UK

2003-10-01 18:41:22Eugenie (55.1N-13.8E,78cm) Will pick up the European beam with watchable quality on my 78cm dish, somewhat larger dish would be recommended for rainy wheather.

2003-08-11 19:00:55jossie (51.2N-6E,100cm) goed ontvangst dreambox 66% alles radio zenders 1 tv zender rest gecodeerd van de 6

2003-07-12 09:54:38Tophy (47.5N-19.2E,60cm) Vivid mosaic correct, Swazi channel not really watchable

2003-07-02 01:15:38OZ (22.3N-32E,60cm) ? how can i pick up fta in south africa

2003-06-20 16:13:55Bristol Brat (51.5N-2.5W,120cm) ? busy with 1.2m experiment. Kan nie wag nie. lekker man.

2003-06-01 14:39:26richardinalex (31.2N-30E,180cm) Pick up all DSTV channels on a 2.4m dish - no problem

2003-05-06 23:32:10wolfie (52.2N-5E,120cm) ? How does it receive in Holland ?

2003-04-18 14:25:34SatSearcher (53.7N-1.9W,120cm) SABC channels watchable, about 30% signal

2003-04-13 19:16:20Harri (39.9N-28.3E,150cm) ? no signall-Turkey C-band

2003-04-08 14:20:40hafedh (36.5N-10.2E,120cm) ? tunisie

2003-03-26 16:17:22 (31N-11.9E,1cm) ? how?

2003-03-26 16:15:39 (31N-11.9E,1cm) ? Lives in London uk what size dish do I need to pick this beam up

2003-03-16 11:40:19khalid (22.4N-44.2E,90cm) ?

2003-02-23 19:44:00 (42.1N-2.8E,80cm)

2003-02-15 19:22:33PioSATSA (52.9N-5.9E,180cm) SABC channels without a problem on 180 cm dish in Holland.

2003-02-12 02:22:48jeferey (52.6N-1W,120cm) ? how

2003-02-12 02:21:42jeferey (52.6N-1W,120cm) ? i want to pick up this bird

2002-11-25 23:40:01dryrainbow (35.9N-14.5E,120cm) sabc chs are loud and clear a joy to watch

2002-08-11 05:55:44 (48.8N-6.2E,60cm) ?

Para enviar su informe de recepción, debes definir tu posición geográfica y tu diametro de antena en tu Perfíl


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